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If you’re the Minnesota Honey Company, you thank your loyal customers by giving it away. Seven months ago, the retail store kicked off its Honey Lovers Club punch card program, and as of the end of September, over 300 pounds of honey have been given to members. There are no plans to change this popular program. Stop in today to start a punch card or add to your existing card.

 Here’s how the punch card program works: For every $5 spent on honey, club members receive a punch. With 10 punches, members earn a pound of Meadow Wildflower honey. New members receive one free punch, and all members are invited to keep their card on file here in the store. Now, how sweet is that?!

 Our Second Anniversary!

Minnesota Honey Company opened its doors on October 30, 2013, and as a new business, it was a time of great excitement and risk. Two years later, YOU, our valued customers, have rewarded us with business, words of encouragement and referrals. We couldn’t be more grateful. As we move into our third holiday season, we extend a hearty THANK YOU!! and invite you to visit again soon