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On the heels of National Honey Bee Day in August, September continues the focus on honey bees and what they bring to our lives – delicious and healthful honey! And, if it weren’t for the beekeepers, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the sweet treats that bees manufacture…naturally!

Honey is harvested throughout the growing season here in Minnesota, and because it doesn’t spoil, we here at the Minnesota Honey Company can keep a variety of honeys on our shelves all year round. At the heart of our mission, we’re making sure you have access to raw, local honey long after the growing season ends.

Taste Notes

We know that taste is important to you, and different flavors can occur from season to season.

As flowering areas mature and the composition of flowers change over time, honey flavor variations occur naturally. That’s what keeps honey so interesting. Honey samples are always available in our retail store so you can determine what fits your palate, recipe or use.

Beekeepers selectively decide what types of honey they want to collect. Accordingly, they set their bee boxes and extraction schedules. For example, because clover flowers early in the spring (before other bee-favorite flowers bloom), beekeepers will extract clover honey early in the summer. On the other hand, later summer harvests might reap honey made from diverse floral sources – a wildflower variety.

In certain situations, bee boxes might be positioned in an area where one single flower source is available. Orange blossom honey is one interesting example. We have Minnesota bees that snowbird to Florida because their beekeeper is contracted by an orange grove for pollination services. The bees collect the nectar, and we get to enjoy this unique honey back here in Minnesota AND, at the same time, support a Minnesota small business.

Honey for All Reasons

Whether you use honey in the kitchen for eating and cooking, keep it in the medicine cabinet for natural health remedies, or give it as ‘sweet’ gifts to friends and loved ones, keep Minnesota Honey Company in mind as your go-to source for local honey. We have a variety of honeys to offer all year round and are here to serve you!