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If the story is true about how archaeologists found honey in King Tut’s tomb, it conjures up a humorous cartoon vignette about ‘Larry, the research intern,’ who was chosen to taste a sample and declare it was still ‘good.’ Good tasting or not spoiled? We assume the latter.

While we want to believe that honey virtually lasts forever, there is sufficient information to indicate that honey lasts for a very, very long time. Honey contains natural antimicrobial properties, which prevents spoilage (assuming no other bacteria enters the container).

Over time, honey does its natural ‘aging’ thing – it crystallizes, or becomes more solid. This does not diminish the quality of the honey. Its texture changes, but its taste is virtually the same.

To return aged honey to it’s earlier liquid state, place the container in continuous hot water baths. Microwave heating is not recommended.

As with raw honey, overheating can destroy the beneficial properties of this truly amazing gift of nature. Something that’s been around for centuries!