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Why you need pure honey?

When you are getting pure and raw honey from the market, then it is an imposing factor for your health as well. There is a lot of benefit from it since it helps you with a lot of added things.

It is the remedy for a lot of surprises that you have never seen before. History has proven that during the pre-historic times, people used to use these raw and pure honey to make sure that their cough and cold could be treated alongside the other things as well. These can be used for the treatment of wounds as well.

There are other uses of honey which are discussed over here. Fruits of all, if you get pure honey, then you are getting the pure form of raw and oxidizing agents for yourself. This means that they are free from the radicals, and they can be used to slow down your aging process.

You have to use them as a face pack, and your work will be done. And the next thing about them is that they are the best form of anti-bacterial which can be used for the treatment for the sore throat and wounds or cuts.

Steps to check whether your honey is pure or not

Suppose you have bought a jar full of honey from the market and now you need to check whether it is okay or not. There are some specific steps which you need to do to make sure that your honey is completely pure and they have not been added with a ton of preservatives.

Before you carry out all the tests and carry out ‘How to check the purity of honey at home?’ You have to ensure that there are simple processes where you can check the purity of your honey at home.

Manufacturers from all around the world make sure that the products sell and this is the prime reason why they add preservatives to add the color and to enhance the test.

When your food, which is essential for your health, is altered, then it can cause a lot of complications that you don’t know. So it is better that you conduct the tests at your home and be sure of the best things.

There are possible results for those who have said that they consume raw and pure honey. And if you still have the altered honey for yourself and your family, then you are also increasing the side effects and the risks of causing allergies to your health.


Here are some of the best steps to how to check the purity of honey at home?

1. Thumb Test

 This is the most common form of analysis which you can sue. The procedure is straightforward and easy to manage, as well. First of all, you need to put a small drop of honey on your thumb and then check to see if it is spilling to spreading around.

 If the syrup that you have covered on your thumb is spilling and it is spreading around, then it is entirely not pure. Pure honey is thick, and they are not gooey.

2. Water Test

This test will help you to spot whether you have fake or real honey around you or not. This test is simple, as well. You need to have a glass filled with water to conduct this test. Once you have done the same, it is time for you to add some tablespoon of honey onto it and then wait.

If there is alteration or artificial honey, then it will dissolve in the water, and you will see floating it around the glass. Where since the density of pure syrup is heavy, it will only settle at the bottom of your glass.

3. The Flame Test

This taste is not to be conducted by kids and only be done under proper supervision. Take a dry matchstick and make sure that it is scorched and unburnt. Dip the tip of the stick onto the honey and strike the stick on the matchbox to light it.

If you have pure syrup, then your matchstick will light up quickly since it is grease and it can help with the inflammation as well. If your honey has been added with impurities, then your match won’t light because fake honey is filled with moisture. This will ensure your added experiment on ‘How to check the purity of honey at home?’

There are tons of other tests which you can ensure to make sure that your honey is wholly okay or not. The best is to take a look at the manufacturers and their label makers to ensure that you have proper form and raw honey or not.

Tips for buying amazing honey from the shop

Here are the best tips to ensure that you bring the proper honey at your home. 

1. There is an organic and non-organic form of honey which you have to take care of. If you understand which one shall be right for you, then choose the organic one and have no preservatives onto it.

2. Make sure that you don’t trust everyone when you are buying your honey from the market. There is a label which will get your mind going, but it is essential that you undertake the usage of the other names and product management and not only trust the certified products.

3. Another thing to consider while you are shopping for honey is that, whether you should go for the light or the dark one. Light syrup is tasty, and they come with a lot of added benefits as well. Whereas the dark honey can be right for you too, but they are substantial in nature.

4. There are tons of options in the market but choosing the one which has a good name won’t do you any need.

It is important that you take care of the expense part too when you are buying your honey since these different types of honey have different ailments.

These tips and steps to check the raw and pure form of honey at home will help you to get the proper health benefits of it. So make sure that you understand the same and don’t waste your time and effort onto the fake ones.