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Welcome to our hive! We are a specialty food retailer for locally sourced gourmet honeys & hive-based products. As a small business, we support other small businesses around Minnesota — local farms, beekeepers and small businesses.

Connecting small business farmers, beekeepers,
and businesses with a community of people
who want high-quality, locally sourced
raw honey and hive-based products.

Minnesota Honey Company’s brick-and-mortar retail location (4956 Xerxes Ave So, Minneapolis, MN) offers a warm, inviting shopping experience in an easy-to-get-to location in South Minneapolis. Known as the everything honey store, we sell local raw honey and honey-based products including chocolate truffles made with local honey (sourced from beehives on the rooftops of downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul!).

Our online store is open 24/7 for your shopping convenience! Mail honey to your home, or send honey and bee-related gifts to other special people in your life. DIY products are available for custom gifts. Click here to buzz around our Online Store.

More about us…

Honey is sourced from a number of small farms, beekeepers and local small businesses. Locally made beeswax candles and beauty care products can also be found on our shelves at 4956 Xerxes Ave So, in Minneapolis, MN.

We offer samples, recipes, and tips at our tasting bar! Learn about the diverse types, flavors, and uses of honey. Honey, like wine, reflects the land from which it comes. Honeys are surprisingly diverse in flavor and function. The tasting experience can provide greater understanding of and appreciation for our precious honey bee population.

Honey is a gift of nature that easily transitions from the kitchen table to the bathroom vanity, on-the-go places and the gym. A natural, popular ‘go to’ solution for host/hostess gifts, wedding favors and corporate recognition.

We can help you design the perfect gift for your special occasion. Contact us to learn more about Custom Orders.