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Last fall we gathered feedback from adults and children, asking questions about bees and honey. Here’s a summary of what they had to say:

Why do you like local honey?

Adults answered this question; their top responses were around these major themes:

Supports our local ‘community’ – beekeepers, farmers, MN businesses, producers, economy and bees. A few specific quotes included, ‘supports the little guy close to home!’ ‘must support locals’, and ‘farmer at heart; a locovore.’ (We particularly enjoyed the comment, ‘The staff is great!’)

Better for the environment – comments included, ‘short-transported businesses and products,’ ‘no preservatives,’ ‘non-chemical infused.’

Characteristics – flavor, tastes fresher, better, all natural, the real thing, unique, natural sweetener.

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Health – boosts my immune system, allergy prevention, local pollen for allergy, healthier for you.

Taste – yummy, tasty, tastes great, tastes best, so good, makes me feel at home.

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What’s your favorite way to use honey?

The adults answered with:

Beverages – Tea beat out coffee 4:1. Smoothies were also mentioned.

Breads – all kinds – toast, bagels, english muffins, biscuits, puffed rice cakes, sandwiches. Popular pairings mentioned were butter, peanut butter, almond butter, cinnamon and jelly.

Toppings or sweeteners – on yogurt (with blueberries), ice cream, oatmeal, chicken, chili, dipping apples, spreads. Also, sauteing apples and onions for a side dish. Cooking and baking in general were mentioned.

Body care – a couple people mentioned this category with answers like hair products and body care. One respondent replied, ‘timeless enjoyment in all foods and medically.’

Spoon – ‘straight up’ or ‘right from the spoon.’